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Are you searching for ideas for awareness training; school in-service for faculty and staff; or, online professional development? Would you like one of our experts to speak at a parent group? Or, how about a combination? Learning Latitudes is your one-stop shop. We provide educastional support for schools and families. Learn more by following the link below:



For parents and learners (kids and adults!) links to questions provide a gateway for you to the research projects currently active. You'll have opportunities to give your two cents and contribute to our work by clicking these links and also sample some of the responses we've received. Follow up Survey questions from respondents are under Round 2 Questions:

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Want to Share Your Experiences about Schools and Services?

Across America, gifted education and programs are under seige. We are trying to develop a resource area on our website that people can visit to gain a sense of what is happening. Please consider sharing your stories about giftedness and service plans or options. We are interested in gathering information from all over the world to provide a broad view of what options are available for serving gifted individuals.

We will compile and share this information in a link to give all of us a place to gain some perspective and awareness about the state of Gifted Education. Please forward your story, or any questions to us: learninglatitudes@giftedkidspeak.com


Do you have a GT First-Year College student?

We're looking for families and/or individuals willing to talk about their experiences and expectations for college and college life. If you are interested in being interviewed or would like to discuss an aspect of your family's life associated with first-year college life, please contact us: learninglatitudes@giftedkidspeak.com


Is there a Highly/Profoundly gifted individual in your household?

We're looking for families willing to talk about their experiences and expectations raising (or living with) H/PG individuals in the household. If you are interested in being interviewed or would like to discuss an aspect of your family's life associated with H/P giftedness, please contact us: learninglatitudes@giftedkidspeak.co


ISS Cover
If I'm So Smart, Why Aren't The Answers Easy is available for immediate shipment. If your son/daughter has been identified as gifted, and you'd like some input from others who have "been there, done that" our book is a great resource.




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